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The u/deformedsmurf community on Reddit. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. When it comes to cannabis consumption, sometimes, less can be more. Microdosing is an excellent way to get some of the benefits without the high. Notes: The idea of microdosing marijuana isn’t for everyone or even the majority of imbibers, but it’s the miracle answer for many people who deal with depression, anxiety and the upcoming Seasonal… { reddit: config_to_rpm('config/rm_config.json'), search_terms: %w(hallucinogen shrooms LSD psilocybin heffter ibogaine ketamine mescaline ) + # peyote ['"psychedelic drug"', '"magic mushroom"', 'MDMA', # 'MDMA PTSD', #'"smoking DMT… Microdosing, as Fadiman explains in his book, is also said by some to "cure" cluster headaches, anxiety, and depression, the last being one of the most popular reasons why people turn to microdosing and its mood-balancing effects.

Microdosing has been in the news spotlight for some time now, especially with LSD.

Benefits Of Microdosing Marijuana, With marijuana, a microdose is so small that it will not trigger a psychotropic "high" or trigger cognitive impairment. Microdosing might assist you to reduce the intake of THC while preventing a few of… If there’s any truth to Terence McKenna’s Stoned Ape theory, then human evolution may owe a great debt to psychedelic microdosing—the practice taking a sub-perceptual dose (an amount too small to produce traditional psychedelic effects) of… Microdosing psychedelics (LSD, or psilocybin) for cognitive enhancement is quickly becoming a trend among the elite and professionals alike This pre-registered online study into the effects of microdosing collected 1034 benefits and 791 drawbacks drawn from 577 participants. These data were subjected to classic Grounded Theory analysis and a number of highly relevant conceptual… Taking smalls amounts of LSD or magic mushrooms may improve focus, creativity, and productivity but there's little evidence to back-up the bold claims. The first placebo-controlled trials are underway There are no existing scientific studies on microdosing, so we can't say if people's anecdotal reports about positive effects are legitimate.

Two new research papers published on microdosing psychedelics link this emerging trend to better mood and focus.

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